Informational Phishing / Hoax Emails


To: everyone
From: Michael Corn
Subject: Informational: Phishing / Hoax Emails

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

Over the last 6 weeks there has been a significant increase in phishing emails directed at our community. "Phishing emails" are emails that try to trick you into logging into a fake Brandeis login page to steal your username and password. As a result, we are seeing a number of compromised accounts being used to send malicious spam and additional phishing messages. The majority of the accounts are being logged into from Nigeria.

Please exercise caution when clicking on links sent to you by email. Many of the messages purport to be from the "Brandeis Team" or contain " I tried sending you this document earlier but noticed the failure delivery so I had to re-send via Google doc attachment.Click below to: View the file document"

You can read our advice on how to recognize phishing scams at

If you receive a message you're unsure of or that appears suspicious, call the sender to confirm its authenticity. If we find an account being used to send spam, we will lock the account so that it cannot be accessed. If your account becomes locked, you can re-enable access by resetting your password by visiting the helpdesk or using the self-service password reset tool. To use this tool, you must complete the self-service reset data form available at