New password reset options available


Required Action: Please set your self-service password reset information at

Dear Brandeis Community,

If you’ve shopped at Target or Home Depot, bought anything on EBay, or played a game on the Sony Network, then you’re one of over 300 million users who has had his or her password obtained by hackers. Changing your password periodically is important, but it can also be annoying.

Thus, I’m pleased to announce the addition of two very simple ways to change a forgotten or stolen password. By going to and selecting “Set/Update your password reset data” and providing a cell phone number and/or a non-Brandeis email address you can reset your password by having a either an special URL sent to the email address or a pin sent to your cell phone from the password reset page at

The LTS security office regularly discovers compromised or ‘hacked’ accounts being used from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China, and other areas. These accounts are used to send spam and phishing messages, steal library material, and other illegal and malicious activities. Nationally millions of accounts are compromised almost weekly and these events do impact the Brandeis community. Nearly 11,000 Brandeis accounts have passwords that have not been changed in over a year and we strongly recommend changing your password regularly. If you know your current password you can use it to reset your password directly at

We recognize that no one likes managing his or her password(s) so we’re striving to simplify it. However we do see frequent attempts to access Brandeis accounts by malicious actors so using passwords that resist hacking and protecting them is essential to protecting your own privacy and protecting the Brandeis computing environment. If you’d like to know more about why protecting passwords is important, we’ve summarized some future plans in one of the Brandeis Technology Memo’s available at

If you are concerned about the validity of this email, you may visit the Library and Technology Home page at, select ‘‘About LTS -> Communications’ menu option and view it from our homepage.