Expanded Program Updates for Brandeis Computers



Many campus laptops and desktops are provided through the centrally funded Computer Refresh Program and these computers are remotely managed by LTS to provide operating system updates, common security configurations, and to assist with troubleshooting when problems arise.

In an effort to keep all devices working optimally, LTS is expanding this management function to include proactively providing patch updates for a small number of programs that are frequently the target of malicious attacks: Adobe products, Firefox, and Java. While it is important to keep all computer programs updated to the latest version, these programs were chosen as a starting point due to the frequency with which they are exploited. To further explain, we encourage you to read the following article, which goes in-depth about the vulnerability of these specific programs: http://www.zdnet.com/article/java-reader-and-flash-are-most-exploited-windows-programs/.

Information about the management of computers (known as "endpoint management") can be found by visiting http://go.brandeis.edu/endpointmanagement

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