Eduroam Certificate Update on Nov 20th

As you may recall, on November 5th we updated a critical digital certificate supporting the EduRoam wireless network. Most users of wireless computers and phones were required to 'accept' the new certificate when first connecting to the network after the update.

Unfortunately, for a subset of users, we uncovered a problem that resulted in the user being prompted endlessly to accept the certificate when connecting. We apologize for this frustrating problem but through testing and trial deployment we are confident that the issue has now been resolved. It will require us to re-deploy the certificate supporting the wireless network.

Therefore tomorrow, Friday November 20th at 7 a.m., Library and Technology Services will be updating the Eduroam certificates.  Many wireless computers and phones will need to accept the new certificate when connecting to the Eduroam wireless network.  Alternatively, if you are new to using Eduroam, you can download and use the configuration tool at:

The procedure for accepting the new certificate is outlined in the Knowledge base article here:

While we do not foresee any issues with clients accepting the new certificate, if you do experience any problems connecting to Eduroam, please contact the Help Desk at extension 64357 (781-736-HELP).