Box and Gartner accounts now available

Version 2015.01.20

Library and Technology Services (LTS) recognizes that research is powered by the twin engines of collaboration and information. LTS is therefore pleased to announce the general availability of two new services: and

Box is a new, highly secure and highly mobile file storage and collaboration tool. Our subscription to Gartner provides all Brandeis faculty, staff, and students with access Gartner’s entire library of technology and entrepreneurial research material. Both services are fully integrated with the campus single sign-on solution so logging in is easy and uses your regular Brandeis login and password.

In order to use these services, please log into them only using the following URLs.

Why Box?

Box is highly secure and the preferred solution for student information and other forms of personally identifiable information. Box is endorsed and the preferred storage solution of the IRB. Every Box account has a default size of 75 GBs which can be expanded upon request.

Box Offers:

  1. Encryption – Box encrypts your content while it’s in the system and while it is in transit.
  2. Access Levels – When you invite someone into a folder, you can choose exactly what they can and cannot do in the workspace.
  3. Expiration Dates – Does the recipient only need the document for 2 days? Just set an expiration date!
  4. Password Protection – Any link can be password protected.
  5. Turn Off Downloads – Want to share something, but don’t want the recipient to download it? Not a problem! Just choose to Restrict Permissions.
  6. Notifications – You can choose to be notified when certain activities happen around your content so you’ll always know when changes happen.
  7. Back Up & Versioning - Box has you covered so you never need to worry about losing content. Even recover and track older versions.
  8. Accessibility – Box uses highly accessible HTML 5 for previewing documents and offers an entirely accessible mobile interface!
  9. Seamless Collaboration – Share documents or folders with anyone with an email address.
  10. Mobile Support – access your Box files on your iPhone, Android, Windows/Windows 8, Blackberry, or any web browser. Or use desktop synchronization.

Join over 600 Brandeis Box users. Read more about Box at Learn more about Gartner at